The Trauma Recovery Program

The Trauma Recovery Program is a phase-based approach to treat complex PTSD and those with a history of complex trauma. Phase-based approaches typically have two components: an initial safety and stabilisation phase and a second trauma memory processing phase.

The Trauma Recovery Program is being ran at the Swinburne Psychology Clinic and Access Health and Community in Hawthorn, Victoria.

A key part of my PhD research is exploring the feasibility and acceptability of this treatment modality through qualitative interviews with the clients and collection of symptom measures.

More information on the Trauma Recovery Program can be found here

The impact of trauma on our inner world

A second component of my research is exploring the impact of trauma on our inner world through the lens of Internal Family Systems therapy. Internal Family Systems therapy was developed by Richard Schwatz, 1994.

Briefly, Internal Family Systems therapy proposes that the mind is made up of many parts and the experience of trauma can interrupt the relationship between these parts and introduce conflict between them. The aim of the therapy is to reintroduce harmony into our inner world.

Through collection of extensive survey data we hope to examine the relationship between trauma and the impact it has on our parts through the eyes of Internal Family Systems therapy. We will also be exploring other variables such as compassion, flow and social support and their relationship to trauma related disorders and symptoms.

You can find out more about Internal Family Systems therapy here

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